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Fuel oil, diesel oil, and lubricating oil tanks are the names of tanks everyone is aware of. But there are several tanks apart … Read More

Plate Type Fresh Water Generator… Read More

Fresh water production from sea water for domestic and auxiliary purposes is an essential requirement aboard ships. A considerable amount of fresh water is consumed in a ship.
The crew consumes an average 100 liter/head/day. In a steam ship (a ship whose main propulsion … Read More

When it comes to choosing technology for boiler feed water treatment, knowing the feed water source quality in relation to the water … Read More

There are several drains provided in the ship’s engine room in order to prevent water clogging and damage to any machinery. Though all these are equally important, there are few that require regular attention…. Read More

Any machine on the ship requires a proper procedure to be followed for starting and stopping it. Failure to follow this step-by-step procedure will lead to either failure in starting or stopping the … Read More

An efficient running of a sewage treatment plant on a ship requires periodic maintenance and daily checks of the system. Failure to do so can lead to an output that cannot be discharged into the sea, blockage of pipelines, and even failure of some parts.
There are several … Read More

Sewage on board ships needs to be treated before it is discharged to the sea. Sewage treatment plant is used to treat the sewage and make it less harmful for the sea.

Marine engineers must know the operation of the sewage plant before using the same in order to comply … Read More

Oil tanks are ideal containers used to store crude oil or other kind of oil, they are widely used in refinery, oil field, oil tank farm, or other industrial production. Oil tanks play a very important role in the process of oil and gas storage and … Read More