Mercy Ships selects Evac waste system

Evac waste system

The ‘Atlantic Mercy’s’ waste management system is being supplied by Evac

Waste technology expert Evac has been selected to supply its total waste management system to the world’s largest newbuild civilian hospital ship, the ‘Atlantic Mercy’.

Atlantic Mercy, being constructed by the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation at the Tianjin Xingang Shipyard, will be owned and operated by the non-profit Mercy Ships, and used to provide medical care in the poorest parts of Africa.

Its waste management system will include 393 vacuum toilets, two vacuum units (type Evac OnlineMax 175), two sewage treatment plants (type Evac MBR 135K), one incinerator, a sludge handling system, a food waste vacuum collecting system, a converter for medical waste and a thermal steriliser for wastewater generated by the ship’s hospital area.

Vacuum toilets require only 1.2 litres of water per flush – six to seven times less than gravity toilets. This means water savings of 52 cubic metres per day for the ship which can carry 950 persons. Especially significant in Africa where pure water is a precious commodity.

Collected wastewater will be treated by two Evac MBR (Membrane Bioreactor) biological sewage treatment plants. The plant’s membranes work as mechanical barriers to any impurities and stop almost all bacteria and viruses.

The incinerator and equipment for dry waste handling will mean frequency of trips to shore for waste disposal will be decreased and environmental impact of waste disposal reduced. They will also reduce volume of dry waste negating the need for a large waste storage room and freeing up more room for medical equipment.

The package’s food waste vacuum collecting system is particularly beneficial in climates like Africa where temperatures can reach 45 degrees celsius. It requires a holding tank four times smaller than conventional systems and saves 3.3 cubic metres of water per day. Issues such as quick fermentation, smell, and contamination are virtually eliminated.

The vessel is scheduled for delivery in 2016.

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