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Discarding sewage produced onboard on a ship is one of the few tasks on a ship which should be taken utmost care of if one wants to same him and his shipping company from heavy fine. The sewage generated on the ship cannot be stored on the ship for a … Read More

ACO Marine has welcomed the findings reported in the Friends of the Earth 2016 Cruise Ship Report Card, the annual survey of cruise shipping’s impact on the environment, which highlights a growing need for the sector to update its sewage treatment technology…. Read More

The Yangtze river that Nie Bo sails on today is by no means the same river he saw years ago.

“I’ve watched the river 320 days a year for 28 years. Her changes are beyond my imagination,” Nie said, steering a cargo … Read More

Can municipal sewage be transported to irrigate the desert?
Management Professor C. K. Prahalad authored a treatise in which he explored new business opportunities that result from the convergence of technologies, a concept based on lateral thinking and one where it is … Read More

Brisbane’s largest sewage plant with 12 waste storage ponds is only 200 metres away from where the city’s proposed $100 million new cruise ship terminal would be built at Luggage Point by 2019.

Fairfax Media went to Luggage Point to … Read More

South Korea’s Huvis Water Corp. secured a $20 million contract to build industrial water supply and waste water treatment facilities for a dyeing industrial park that is under construction in Tay Ninh province in southern Vietnam, the company … Read More

●WPL supplies packaged treatment plant for three villages
●EU funding finances sewerage and treatment systems
●Robust technology key to rural infrastructure

The Daegu metropolitan city government will move into the wastewater treatment business in China by establishing a joint venture among Chinese and Korean companies and a Chinese local government. The city government said on December 14 that a signing ceremony for … Read More

As ship owners and operators face the need for increasing efficiency, waste heat recovery is becoming a more attractive proposition. And a new system from Ulmatec Pyro promises a one-stop solution for a range of other water systems. Gavin Lipsith reports.

With the step changes in installed power required … Read More