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As the cruising industry continues to grow, and the Port of San Diego seeks to bring a chunk of that new business to our city, I often hear concerns about these ships’ environmental impact. And it’s a valid point of discussion: … Read More

Biotal Marine has developed Biotal MDS 3000, … Read More

Waste technology expert Evac has been selected to supply its total waste management system to the world’s largest newbuild civilian hospital ship, the ‘Atlantic Mercy’.

Atlantic Mercy, being constructed by the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation at the Tianjin Xingang Shipyard, will be owned and operated by the non-profit Mercy … Read More

Cruise ships released over one billion gallons of sewage into the ocean in 2014, according to a new report from Friends of the Earth.

The analysis, which worked off of federal data, did show that some of the 16 cruise lines … Read More

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. -A federal appeals court ordered the government Monday to rewrite its regulations on ballast water discharges from ships, one of the leading culprits in the spread of invasive species across U.S. waterways.Environmental … Read More

Discharging of sewage in sea or territorial waters in banned as it can drastically affect the marine life. In case the sewage is to be discharged, first it has to be treated with the help of a sewage treatment plant. STP is now mandatory on every … Read More

In 2011 IMO designated the Baltic Sea as a “special area” for passenger ships in terms of MARPOL Annex IV (on sewage from ships). The coastal countries shall report to IMO (MEPC) that the …

Discarding sewage produced onboard on a ship is one of the few tasks on a ship which should be taken utmost care of if one wants to same him and his shipping company from heavy fine. The sewage….

Raw sewage discharged into restricted waters will eventually overwhelm the self-purification ability of the limited quantity of water. In a closed dock…