Sewage Collecting Tank Unit (Sewage holding tank + Level gauge + Vacuum collecting unit + Valves + Pipelines + Control panel etc.)
+ Sewage Treatment Plant (Tank body + Level switches + Pumps + Blowers +Control panel etc.)

Sewage Treatment System, which consists of Sewage Collecting Tank and Sewage Treatment Plant(STP), biologically decomposes grey or black water into clean water. Our company produces both Sewage collecting tank and STP as a system.
When it comes to our STP product, the product is more compact, more simple, and lighter than that of other competitors. In addition to the fact, it dramatically reduces the maintenance fee and effort resulting from more effective and efficient cleaning process and method.

Major Features
1) Product type
• 4 types : Gravity type, Integrated type, Vacuum type, Separable tpye

2) Characteristics
• Portable and compact sized product but high efficiency guaranteed.
• No residue by adapting recirculation system.
• Minimized maintenance cost due to easy-to-replace outer part and semi-permanent inner part.
• Easy cleaning process >> separable 1st screen, semi-auto 2nd filter steam cleaning process.

3) Usage
• Cleaning up sewage water for small town, small building and house and temporary usage
• Cleaning up the dirty river water for irrigation or drinking water
• Cleaning up livestock waste water to discharge or for irrigation purpose